The World’s Fare is proud to be donating $1 of every ticket sold, with a minimum commitment of $10,000, to The Melting Pot Foundation USA.

The Melting Pot Foundation US (MPF US) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit co-founded by culinary entrepreneur Claus Meyer and based in Brownsville, New York. The MPF US is a sister organization of the Danish entity the Melting Pot Foundation, a commercial, nonprofit and charitable fund founded in 2010, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life and future opportunities of vulnerable and marginalized populations—to drive social change through activities grounded in food, food craft and entrepreneurship. MPF has had great success in Denmark and Bolivia, creating lasting economic value that compound in responsible ways that add social value.

Brownsville is at the center of a crisis that is gripping much of the country’s urban landscape. Every human being should have access to healthy food, job training and employment, and the opportunity to pursue their full potential. Building on what we’ve learned in Denmark and Bolivia, and listening to the community of Brownsville, the Melting Pot Foundation has laid the groundwork for a powerful resource. It is the BCCC’s mission to help Brownsville secure its own cultural and economic future, one plate, one person at a time. Melting Pot’s vision is to take the BCCC initiative far and wide— to be a pipeline of opportunity for Brownsville and beyond.

To learn more and make an additional donation visit here.